Who's part of the alliance board ?

Photo Karrokh Fotoohi

Farrokh Fotoohi, President of Wize Alliance

CEO, Suez Smart Solutions

Eric Farnier, Technical Committee Executive Officer

Strategic Project Manager, SUEZ Smart Solutions

Photo Eric Farnier

Alain DESANDRE, Technical Committee Executive Officer

Technical leader of the Smart Gas Meters, GRDF

Thibault Stabat, Head of the Development Committee

Chief of Connected Products, GRDF

François Moreau, Development Committee Officer

Sales Director, SUEZ Smart Solutions

Anne-Cécile Bellanger, Head of the Communication Committee

Marketing and Communication Manager, Suez Smart Solutions

Jean-Philippe Sacriste, Executive Member

Energy Departement Director, Sagemcom

Samuel Loyson, Head of the Technical Committee

Head of Smart Metering, Suez

Eric RIEUL, Treasurer of Wize Alliance

Chief Executive Officer, Sagemcom

Thierry Foix, Secretary General of Wize Alliance

Chief Customer Officer, GRDF