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IOT Business Day, Marseille

Jun 6, 2019


La Coque

Become a Wize Member!

Wize Alliance includes various types of members such as national and international utilities, device manufacturers, IT players, security and wireless technology experts, start-ups, academics. Start your membership request now and be an active player in the development of the best experienced industrial IoT solution !

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Wize Technology

Wize technology is a low-power, long-range and bi-directional radio communication that operates around 169 MHz frequencies. Specifically designed to connect hard to access objects, leveraging over ten years’ experience of field deployments, WIZE delivers secure information for Internet of Things applications for cities, industrial or tertiary sectors.

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What we can achieve

Wize technology relies on over ten years of experience in field deployment in various areas such as energy and water metering, waste collection or air monitoring. Discover effective and industrialized use cases and let us build new ones together!

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