Internet of Things takes waste collection to the next level

The French start-up SigrenEa is reinventing waste collection services thanks to IoT with Wize Alliance technology.

At a territory scale, collecting waste is all about being “in the right place at the right time”. At SigrenEa, new solutions emerge to optimize the waste collecting process. Sensors are placed inside voluntary waste drop-off receptacles and are able to measure in real time their fill rate via ultrasounds and infra-red. Those sensors are configured depending on the type of collective waste containers (organic waste, paper, glass …), its volume and its configuration.

Use Case Waste

What does industrial IoT brings to waste collection?

  • Less trucks on the roads: waste collect is optimized, and at the same time related costs such as maintenance or labor…
  • Lower CO2 emissions: reducing the number of rounds by optimizing trucks itinerary according to which containers need to be emptied.

What does it represent today?

  • More than 7000 solutions have been deployed in France
  • Around 350 are effective in Belgium and more than 200 in Italy
  • Pilots approach have been lauched in Poland, Spain and Czech Republic

What are the use of those collected data?

Those informations are analyzed, sometimes with other data such as traffic, weather forecast or collected from other connected utilities (water or gas consumption). Digitizing those services represents today the ability and the opportunity for cities to improve their services, the everyday inhabitant’s comfort and also to reduce their impact on the environment.