11 million Smart Gas Meters using the 169MHz frequency

GRDF is the main gas distributor in Europe, it operates more than 198 000 km of pipes in France. The company has also now innovated in its market by using the 169MHz frequency, which is unique in the world regarding the gas sector.

GRDF has developped an expertise in monitoring the radio network. Indeed, they have launched a gas smart meter. One of the company's main goal is to develop and roll-out gas smart meters to its 11 million consumers.

Field experimentations have designated Wize technology as the most efficient wireless smart metering solution

Four experimentations were lead in 2010 and 2011 to determine, with all the stakeholders, the technical aspects and features expected. The French national utility developped a simple, robust and reliable gas smart meter named Gazpar.
In 2016, Gazpar has been tested during a pilot period deploying over 160 000 smart meters and 400 gateways. 

Since 2017, GRDF started the roll-out of its gas smart metering all over the France. The technology will expand until 2022 with the deployment of 11 million meters and 15 000 gateways.

What are the goals of GRDF's smart metering projects ?

3 major goals use case gas

What does Gazpar offer to its consumers ?

For consumers, the new smart meter offers useful information such as daily consumption, consumption alarms and comparison system. For local governments and real estate owners, it provides access to aggregated and anonymous data at the district or collective housing building level.